Toulon Win Against The Tigers

Toulon took their revenge by defeating the Tigers as they were defeated at the Leicester. In the starting quarter Toulon showed an intensity which was unmatchable. The victory was comprehensive for his team. There was fury amongst the crowd as well in the first quarter. Soon Toulon was up with 16-0. Courage was shown by Toulon in the game against the Tigers. Second half Leicester showed some momentum but they were obviously no match against Toulon.

So it was after all defeat for the Tigers. Toulon did whatever he could to make it to the pool table. Going by the side of Leicester there is no such great individual who can get the title of being on the spotlight. Some or the other player lack sheer class from the opponent. Owen Williams did nothing for his team. Many teams have suffered defeat under the hand of Toulon but what was lacking was physical power which they were totally overpowered by. They were in no position to break them down in any possible manner. For Leicester back foot rugby is not easy at all which they showed while playing. The power given by Toulon was high energy. Leicester has so far managed to gain 10 wins in the past at France.

There were mistakes which were made by the team. It was not like Leicester did not get opportunity rather they failed to convert it to win. They let it slip easily. As far as converting the wins were concerned the Toulon did it effectively. They almost converted all their tries to winning moments and will be proud of the fact that they overpowered the Tigers. Leicester has a lot to consider and think about before they continue with their next game. They have to respond to challenges in the initial stages.