Leicester Tigers Boss Sides with the Welsh

Richard Cockerill, the head coach at Aviva Premiership side the Leicester Tigers has stepped into the row that promises to be one of the most long drawn affairs in current memory with the London Welsh being denied promotion to play in the Aviva Premiership next season.

According to the Director of Rugby of the record Premiership champions, clubs that gain promotion from the RFU Championship to the Premiership must be allowed to compete at the very top level of rugby and to chase their dreams regardless of the condition of the grounds where they play their home matches.

It has already been announced by the management at London Welsh that they will be seeking legal advice and will start a battle in the courtrooms so that they are allowed to play in the Aviva Premiership for the 2012/13 season after the y fairly earned the right by winning the RFU Championship.

The problem cropped up when they failed to pass an audit of the Rugby Union with regards to their home ground not fulfilling the criteria that the Premiership grounds should have and if the ruling is allowed to stand, the Newcastle Falcons, who had been relegated from the Premiership under the coaching of Leicester Tigers legend Dean Richards will stay up and fight another season.

However, The Exiles believe that they have a right to play at the top flight and will do whatever it takes to play there and Cockerill believes that they do have a point there. He stated that during his time with the Rotherham Titans, when other teams came to play in their ground which held just around 2,000 fans and had poor infrastructure, it was a part of the learning experience of rugby and the Leicester Tigers believes it would be robbing them of their dreams if they are not allowed to play in the Premiership.