Cockerill, the director of the Leicester Tiger’s rugby association has made a statement saying that the salary cap imposed on most of the European clubs has resulted in a loss of the competitive spirit among the players of the various clubs.

This statement came immediately after the tigers lost to Ulster and did not manage to make it to the Heineken Cup.

The Premiership rugby clubs had agreed on making a annual figure of 4 million pounds for the salary cap of players, but wealthier clubs like Leicester, Saracens, Bath and Northampton want to raise the bar on the salary caps so that they can get in players with better skill and talents and even pay them what they are worth.

Players after all also expect some salary rise if they are going to be competing with the best.

The Leicester director understood the importance of the raise in salary caps and hopes that this will be in effect soon so that they can have some competitive spirit that is driven in to the minds of these people.

Leicester are the only club in Europe to have won the Heineken cup back to back and since they are at the third spot in the Pool four, they are unable to win the pool and hence will automatically be qualifies into the quarter finals.

If they want to hold a better position, they would have to achieve a bonus point victory against the Italian club Aironi, but even after this victory they would be left with a chance to win the runners up position.

Leicester are just hoping that they do stand a chance in competition against the others who are currently better placed than them which will eventually mean that their campaign is over.